Friday, June 5, 2009

4 weeks (36w1d)

It's hard to believe our babies are already 4 weeks old, especially since we've only had them home for 5 days. We're doing really well together I think. They are very patient with Marcus and I as we figure out this whole parenthood thing. We've kept them on their schedules from the hospital eating every three hours except we've moved Eli's time so it's only 30 min. different than Emerson's.

Marcus and I are also still learning the trials of changing Eli's diaper. I know people always talk about boy babies peeing every where but I didn't think this happened virtually every time. Today I wasn't quick enough and he peed all over the blinds and his face, yes his face it was incredibly gross and a little funny. This last diaper change though I finally got smart and used a cloth as a shield. Silly baby.

Today is my first time alone with the babies since I told Marcus he needed to go to work (he's been off since Sat.) So far we've done okay. The only difficulties have come as a result of living in this stupid apartment. Today they turned off the water to the building to work on something, which added an extra level of complication to my day, and then a bit of a freak out with maintenance.

Both babies were crying around 2 and they both wanted to be fed, unfortunately I haven't yet mastered feeding them both at the same time. So I was sitting on the floor with Emerson in my lap feeding her a bottle with one hand and holding Eli's pacifier in with the other. When there was what sounded like angry pounding at my door over and over. Scared the crap out of me and I obviously didn't answer given I was attempting to feed/keep calm two babies. So what does the guy do but just walk in which completely sent me over the edge. It is not okay for people to just enter my home it's just not. I was shaking so bad and then after he left I just started crying because I was so flustered. The only small thing I'm grateful for is that I wasn't trying to breast-feed or pumping because that would have been a whole new level. The maintenance guy wanted to check my water, but frankly if I don't answer, it's not an emergency, and I haven't been notified/given consent then they should not enter.

I've had this problem before a year ago only I was asleep and woke up to the sound of two men in my living room. Not a good feeling for a woman who's alone. I complained and things were better with notice until today... I cannot wait to finish school and move out of this place.


~Jess said...

I don't get why the maintenance men in your building think they can just walk into someone's home. Is there anyone you can complain to? I'd be concerned, not only for safety, but what's to stop them from walking in and stealing things. *hugs*

sadie607 said...

I don't get it either.

Queenie. . . said...

I'm pretty sure that's illegal. They can't do that. Sounds like they don't care, though. How much more school do you have?

sadie607 said...

Queenie I have one more year left in in my masters degree program.

Christi said...

Love those outfits...they show off their chubby thighs. Yes, chubby. Love it!