Friday, June 12, 2009

5 Weeks (37w1d)

We've had a busy week since my mom arrived (and I took everyone's advice and didn't clean anything before she got here). It's been so nice to have some help. In addition to my apartment needing a cleaning we also had no food in the house when she arrived. Literally, we hadn't gone grocery shopping since before I was put in the hospital on bedrest back in April. During that time Marcus just ate with me at the hospital and then the babies were born and all of our time was spent at the hospital so practical day to day things like grocery shopping and laundry were overlooked. So when my mom arrived from her flight across the country we had the following items in our fridge to offer her for dinner. An apple...

Pretty pathetic. Now thanks to my mom we finally have food again.

She also did our laundry and cleaned the entire apartment and takes many (and a couple of times all of the night feedings). It's been so nice to get some extra sleep even though I still have to wake up to pump.

Here's my mom with her first grandbabies. She still hasn't decided what she wants to be called so we refer to her as granny, grandma, grammy, nana etc. Basically trying everything out.

The babies had their one month pediatrician appointment and they continue to grow and thrive. Our Eli now weighs 5lbs 14oz so a full 2lbs over his birth weight and Emerson weighs 4lbs 9oz They printed their info on a growth chart and their still no where near being on it but that's okay they have time to catch up.

We also had another visit from our visiting nurse program and because Eli had been acting fussy for the past two nights and she heard a little something in his lungs we went back for our second Pedi. appointment of the week. He did have a low grade fever at 99.6 but they weren't overly concerned and we've been monitoring his temp at home and he seems okay and his temps have been fine.

Today the babies had their first photoshoot. Since I wasn't able to have maternity pictures I wanted nice pictures of the babies and I'm really excited to see how they turn out.

Finally in other baby news, their great grandma and great papa on Marcus' side bought them bouncer seats. Neither one is really sure how they like them yet and Emerson is still so tiny that she really doesn't have enough weight to sit in the seat very well.

Emerson provided a little comic relief today when she pooped all over the wall. Marcus was changing her when he suddenly requested that I come in because he needed some help. I was not prepared for what I would find, poop all over the wall, the changing table, and Marcus. I about died laughing. Such a tiny baby made such a huge mess. I took a picture of the mess but I don't really think anyone wants to see my poopy walls so I won't post it but it was so hilarious. Although I think if it had happened at 3:00 am we wouldn't have found it quite so funny. Silly little girl.

This post is a little bit random but I think that's a bit of an update since I last posted. Getting used to life and a routine with two babies. (We even ventured out today for lunch and went to the store). Unfortunately the weather has been horrible this week so we haven't been out much at all.


Christi said...

Oh my Emerson...good thing it wasn't father's day, this could not be seen as a present!

Queenie. . . said...

Wow, her faucet must really have some decent pressure to get it all over the wall!

Your mom looks so happy. It's so great that you have here there helping.

~Jess said...

They are getting so BIG! It looks like she's got a bit of smile in that last picture.

Glad you're enjoying your time with your mom visiting: She looks like she's on the moon, holding her grandbabies :-)