Friday, December 19, 2008

NT Scan

We had our NT scan yesterday and everything looked great. Baby B's neck measurement was 1.1 and Baby A's was 1.8 which is on the low side of normal. We're still waiting on the blood test results. This was by far the best ultrasound that we've had. Our babies actually look like babies and we could see them moving all over the place.

Baby B kept trying to put it's hand in it's mouth and then every so often it would just jump then it would rest and the tech would poke my stomach and it would jump again, and Baby A was moving all over the place and at one point went upside down on it's head. Hilarious and they were so cute. We could see their little hands and feet which they would cross and then uncross, and it was the first time that it really seemed real that we were having babies. Two little babies that are ours. It's crazy and I'm so in love with them already. I'm probably a little bias but they were the cutest 12 week gestation little babies I've ever seen (I suppose they're really the only ones I've ever seen) but I'm so grateful that they're both doing okay.

Their heart rates were great and their measuring a little head, our little Baby B which the RE cautioned we may lose has caught up. I'm hoping to scan the pictures at some point from the ultrasound but for now here's a not so good picture of Baby A and Baby B.

First Baby A

And here's Baby B who was a lot more cooperative so we have clearer pictures of this one.

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~Jess said...

I have to agree...they are adorable. I'm glad it all went well.