Thursday, December 4, 2008

10 Weeks

So first as a follow up to the itching post I went to the doctor yesterday after they called and emailed saying I needed to be ASAP. I'm not sure what all the hysteria was about (besides making Marcus worry like crazy. This pregnancy has caused us to switch roles usually I worry about everything, but Marcus does enough of that for both of us so I try to be the voice of reason). We waited an hour to be seen by my OB and then all she had to say was, "It's a little early for it to be a rash that's most commonly related to pregnancy so why don't you go see a dermatologist."

Excellent glad I wasted my time. Although we did get to see the babies again. (Maybe the doctor can sense our uneasiness and since we hadn't seen them in two weeks she did another quick ultrasound). They're both still there with heartbeats and they're starting to look a little more like babies and not blobs.

In weight gain news I'm only up a pound (which also has Marcus worried) but I'm sure all of that will come in time. Although the OB does want me to see a nutritionist since I'm having twins. I'll be grateful for any help the nutritionist can give, and maybe it'll stop Marcus from trying to force food on me all the time.

I did see the dermatologist who also doesn't know what's going on but gave me some suggestions of things to use that are safe in pregnancy. He was really nice (and I've had some odd dermatologists) and he wants to see me again in two weeks to see if the itching is any better. (So far it's not). I probably look like I have fleas going around every where itching. Fun stuff.

Other than that not much to report. I've had a few days when I felt more energetic and less nauseous and then the next day it was all back. Marcus is anxious to go home and announce our news. Everyone he works with already knows and apparently his boss was already making fun of how large I was going to be with twins, and then she mentioned something about poking my stomach. I think I'll be avoiding his work place for the duration of the pregnancy...

I still haven't told my close group of friends, sooner or later I suppose I'll have to as I'll no longer be able to hide.


~Jess said...

You telling everyone at Christmas?

I've been trying to find some other things for the itching, but no luck.

I'm glad everything looked well at the appt :-)

sadie607 said...

Yes we're telling all our family at christmas I'll be 13 weeks on Christmas day. No knows except for you and the people Mark works with.