Friday, September 21, 2012

"I'm 28 Praise Jesus"...

I turned 28 today. Emerson at point in the day shouted, "You're 28 Praise Jesus!" She cracks me up. It was a low key day. A day off and it was so nice just to be at home. I slept in Marcus and Eli & Emmy brought me cinnamon roles in bed. Marcus took them shopping and they made cupcakes. 
Eli & Emerson waited so long to have some cake. We asked what they wanted for dinner. Their response, "Cake!"

Me and my Emmy baby. All day they both kept saying, "It's your Happy Birthday Mommy"

They helped me blow out my candles too.

It's a good thing I have help since there are so many candles these days. 28 seems especially old for some reason haha 

On Wednesday of this week the church and the preschool surprised me with a small birthday celebration at work. 

Eli and Emmy held the sign and they were so excited. They both kept saying, "We surprised you"

My cake and flowers at work

Eli & Emmy each picked out a present by themselves. Emerson handed me my wrapped present and said, "It's a bracelet" haha I love 3 year olds.

Emerson did in fact by me a pink sparkly bracelet and Eli bought me some new "leaf earrings". He kept saying "look they're leaves" 

A nice relaxing, low key 28th birthday.

These pictures are out of order but I'm too tired to fix it.