Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Washington, Football, and Roadtrips...

we were in the car for 14.5 hours coming home from our trip to Washington. Eli and Emerson were so amazing on the trip. They're good little travelers and watched about a million movies but whatever gets them through the long hours.

About 12 hours into the trip we stopped for dinner. Eli & Emerson have been really into telling stories lately and they wanted to share one.

Eli's story went like this: "Once upon a time, GO HOME!" Silly boy.

It was a good trip even if it was a long drive for such a short stay. I'm at a point in life where I think making an extra effort to spend time with family is important. Eli & Emmy spent some time with two sets of Great-Grandparents and any time they get with them is just a gift.

Eli & Emmy watching their Great Grandpa fill the bird feeder
They liked their great grandparents Buddha statue. 

While we were at a football game their Gram took them to their first movie. Nemo in 3D. 
Eli's re-telling of the event. "I saw fishies, it was too dark, I had candy"

Before the movie

Emmy loved it. She wore her 3d glasses the entire time and ate her popcorn. 
Her re-telling including mentioning that she drank juice and had popcorn.

Feeding some geese at the park.
Eli & emmy with their great grandparents. GG and Papa
Marcus, Emmy & piggy
They had some fun with Halloween stickers

Part of the reason for the trip was to see the Dallas vs. Seahawks game. Marcus has been a Dallas fan forever and his grandparents love the Seahawks so as a gift to us they bought us tickets to the game back in April or May.

They had a sign posted when we arrived that said, "Seahawks Rule" in the dark of the night Marcus fixed the sign to say, "Seahawks suck" Eli & Emmy seem to know that the Cowboys are the way to go.

This was my first NFL game and I had a great time

Marcus grandparents are funny. We're at a point in our lives where I think we're just extra worried about our grandparents and their health. However, our grandparents still see us as little kids.

We took a bus down to the stadium and as we were about to get on Marcus Grandma said, "Now when we get on the bus we might not get to sit by each other but we'll wait for you when we get off."

Haha they were so cute. They were worried about us and we were worried about them. The walking, heat, stairs etc.

Aren't we cute? haha I have to tell you, that wearing the opposing team's jersey in the home stadium of the winning team makes for some interesting experiences.  Boos and taunts by the winning team. Hugs from fellow cowboys fans. It was hilarious.
The seahawks stadium is one of the loudest stadiums and thus the fans are know as the 12th man. I have to say it was incredibly loud in there. My ears were ringing.

We had a good time, but today it was back to work and school. Eli and Emmy did not want to go this morning. Emmy was crying and saying, "I can't go to school my nose is sick. I have to stay home"

I thought we started the "I'm sick" excuse later in life. They did fine for the most part once they were there, and had their much needed nap at school. They were well rested and hyper by the end of the day.

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