Thursday, November 27, 2008

9 weeks and morning sickness has arrived...

just in time for thanksgiving. I really thought I was going to avoid the whole throwing up thing as I've been lucky up until this point, but no such luck. Now I'm nervous about going over to someone's house for thanksgiving and attempting to eat and fearing that it's not going to work so well.

Marcus has been waiting for this day because he seems to have some crazy notion that I'm not actually pregnant unless I have morning sickness, he's nuts. And he wants me to eat again since obviously the first breakfast didn't work out, but I'm a little hesitant. This better stop before classes start again. How awkward would that be, and our classrooms are really not designed for easy and subtle exits. All kinds of embarrassment may be awaiting me these next few weeks of school.

I'm still exhausted and fight to stay awake pretty much everyday, but all in all it's not to bad. Also the spotting has for the most part stopped this week and no more bleeding which is a huge relief I don't think I can handle any more scares.

Here's hoping thanksgiving dinner goes okay.

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