Saturday, November 22, 2008

Everything looks okay...

The ultrasound showed two healthy babies with strong heart beats and no noticeable reason for the bleeding. What a relief. Marcus and I were a mess before going, to the point that Marcus has been preparing himself for the worst.

Baby A: Measured 8w4d (three days ahead yay!) with a heart beat of 176 bpm.
Baby B: Measured 8w1d (right on target) with a heart rate of 164 bpm.

Both the ultrasound tech and my OB said that those heart rates were perfect and everything looks great. I still wish we had a reason for the bleeding or better yet that it would just stop happening. Marcus was so cute yesterday when it was over, you could just see the relief in his eyes. Poor guy.

This is also the first ultrasound we've left where everything looked okay. So okay in fact that I don't have to have another ultrasound next week (first time in four weeks). I'm hoping for a very uneventful next few weeks until our next appointment on December 8th.

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~Jess said...

Thank the Lord for answered prayer: Hopefully it will all continue wonderfully.