Friday, November 7, 2008

6 weeks 1 day and pregnant with twins!

We had our follow up ultrasound with the doctor today to check on the status of our baby and hopefully see a heartbeat. Instead we found another baby and saw two heartbeats. Holy crap! There is a little bit of concern with the second baby though because it's measuring at only 5w6d and the heartbeat was much slower, and it just doesn't look as healthy as the other one.

My doctor was very cautious in warning us that she doesn't know what's going to happen, but given the smaller size and slower heart beat it's possible we'll lose that baby.

She also still sees an area in the uterus where I might still be bleeding. We'll go back next friday for another look to see how they're both doing, but for right now I'm pregnant with twins.

Below in the first ultrasound picture you can see the two sacks, the one on the bottom is noticeably smaller. The other two images are of the stronger of the two babies.

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