Thursday, November 13, 2008

7 weeks /First OB appointment...

I keep waiting for an appointment when I leave feeling like everything is okay. *sigh* Overall the appointment was standard medical history, a bunch of forms, weight (123 still haven't gained anything), exam, tons of blood work, etc.

I caught my OB up to speed on the bleeding and the last ultrasound with the second baby measuring behind, so she decided to do another ultrasound. Both babies still have heartbeats but now both are measuring behind. The baby that was measuring 6w1d last week is now measuring 6w according to her machine. How is that even possible? And the second baby that was measuring 5w6d is now measuring 6w4d. They should both be 7 weeks.

What the hell? Now I'm really freaked out that something is wrong with both babies and there's nothing I can really do. I'm hoping it's just a matter of different machines. My OB's machine was older and she did say she was having a hard time getting a reading. I go in next friday on a better machine for another ultrasound but until then I guess I'll just continue to worry.

She also told me to cancel my appointment with the RE tomorrow, but part of me wants to go and see if she gets a different reading on the dates using her machine. Marcus is really worried and I feel so bad because there's nothing that can be done. I wish he would have been able to go to this appointment with me.

Right now I'm trying to be positive as of today both babies have heart beats... I'm trying to hold onto that.

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