Monday, November 7, 2011

Day 7: Books...

Right now as a I type I sitting in our living room, snuggled under a big heavy blanket, drinking a Dr. Pepper, with a book. It's heaven.

For as long as I can remember books have pretty much been my most favorite thing in the entire world. I love to read books, look at books, collect books, talk about books. Oh, how I love to talk about books. I think if I could be in about 7 or 8 book clubs with others who love to read and discuss books just as much I would be in heaven.

A new book has a way of cheering me up, and I often find inspiration and meaning from the words and experiences of others between the covers. For my ordination process I have to meet with a committee annually and write papers. One of the questions they asked was what books I've read to enhance my ministry. They probably weren't expecting the extensive list of books I've read since I've seen them last.

Reading for me is a spiritual discipline. When I can't read, or don't make time for reading I often feel as though something is missing. The void can generally be filled with a book.

So on this 7th day of November I am so grateful for my love of books and the fact that I have access to so many of them. I hope that Eli and Emerson will love books and reading too (especially because knowing me should they ever request a book I probably won't be able to resist buying it for them).

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~Jess said...

Books! Nothing quite like them in all the world, particularly when paired with blankets.