Thursday, November 17, 2011

2.5 year olds are funny...

Eli and Emerson continue to crack me up especially as their language skills improve.

Whenever Marcus calls from work both Eli and Emerson have to talk. Not only do they have to talk but they have to talk with the phone on both ears.

After they each had talked Emmy said, "pig talk" so I put the phone up to piggy's ear and Marcus had the following conversation with Emmy's stuffed pig. "Hi piggy, oink, oink, oink, oink"

Emerson could hear him and she starting smiling and then said to me, "Daddy crazy." haha it was hysterical and so perfectly described the situation. Apparently her dad oinking at her stuffed pig is crazy.

Their new favorite phrase is "I be back" they say it all the time and are pretty sure that as long as they let us know that they're going to come back they can go and do whatever they want.

At target yesterday, Eli turned to us and said, "I be back" and then took off walking, full of confidence and purpose in the other direction. He wasn't very pleased with us when we didn't take his word that he would in fact be back.

On Sunday I was looking for our check book and couldn't find it. I was talking out loud like I do and I was saying, "Where's our checkbook? Have you seen our checkbook Emmy? Where's our checkbook Marcus?"

Then I think Emerson must have thought I was stupid because she wandered over to my massive book shelf, grabbed a book of the shelf and handed it to me. "here book mama."

Funny kids of mine.

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