Saturday, May 8, 2010

Today my babies are One!!

How is it possible that it has already been a year? I think part of the speed comes from my inability to remember much of the earlier months (thank goodness for blogs and pictures to help jog my memory). Today was a pretty low key celebration with the babies since Marcus and I are in the midst of the end of the semester, as are all our friends. We expect to have a big party next weekend. Today we simply spent the day together as a family. We went to lunch...

(And can I just say that we have come a long way in being relaxed about taking both babies into public settings).

We went for a walk...

and played in some dirt.

Happy boy.

Emerson using her new found freedom through crawling.

We played with balloons sent all the way from their grandma and granddad in Nevada

And then there was cake. Which Eli merely looked at. Totally uninterested (the boy eats nothing but purees and formula but that's another issue).

And Emerson went crazy and ate her cake with incredible enthusiasm and joy. She was upset when we took it away. 

Someday soon I'll post a more in-depth reflection from the past year but this week of finals has just about done me in. I'm exhausted and haven't had a decent nights sleep in awhile due to school not babies. 

Happy birthday my sweet babies. We have all come a long way this year. 


Carlita said...

I have loved following your blog for a little while (I had twins that were born just a few weeks after E&E, although sadly, only one of mine survived). I just wanted to come out of the shadows to say Happy First Birthday!

I also wanted to tell you that you are my hero - taking care of not 1 but 2 babies, going to school, job hunting AND taking time for pleasure reading and blogging - WOW! That's some seriously amazing stuff!

~Jess said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! Emerson LOVED that cake! Haha....the difference between those two pictures is hysterical!

They look adorable in their tops :-)

I second're pretty amazing Sadie...even more so over this past year: HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

Happy FIRST Birthday Eli and Emerson!

sadie607 said...

Carlita I am so very sorry for the loss of your baby. I can't even begin to imagine. Thank you so much for your support I can't even begin to tell you how much support from the blog has meant to me this past year in some of the more difficult moments.

And Jess you too! I couldn't have survived these past few years without someone who "gets" so much of all of this.