Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Emerson pulled into a stand...

She's being trying so hard lately to do it (she's Eli shadow and follows him every where he goes and tries to do everything he does which is just adorable). She was finally able to get all the way up. The most adorable thing about it is how proud of herself she is. When she gets even up to her knees she just looks up and starts giggling like crazy because she's so happy, so when she got all the way to her feet we all clapped and cheered for her (even Eli). She's making progress and she's just so dang cute because she's so truly excited when she figures out how to do something new. She doesn't do it easily or gracefully or even often, but she works so hard. She's both stubborn and determined. (And oddly enough she pulls up on thing like her highchair instead of the couch)
(We were getting ready for bed in this picture)

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