Sunday, May 16, 2010

Have I mentioned...

This is potentially going to be a long random post but I'm so behind of everything at the moment that I figured the best way to update was to just mush it all together. So here it goes, all of the things I've been meaning to mention but haven't had a chance. So have I mentioned...

1.) That I finished my very last assignment/class/paper for my masters degree. I did it! I finished on time, taking more than the full course load, while pregnant, while on bedrest in the hospital, and then while dealing with two babies. Many at my school expressed their doubts, many more expressed their support and somehow I actually did it! I also may have angered a professor by questioning one of the final exam essay questions and she might have emailed me a rather "snarky" email in response to my questioning of her, but that's okay. I'm done I passed (and the question was really bad).

2.) I "met" Apolo Anton Ohno. Apolo and I go way back... okay not really. But like much of the world I learned who he was in the Salt Lake City Olympic games in 2002. I was a senior in high school, dating Marcus at the time, and I began to joke with Marcus that Apolo was my new boyfriend (I was 18 don't judge :~). I put his Sport Illustrated cover on my wall and there it remained until a year ago when my mom moved and it's been a long standing joke between Marcus and I. So when Marcus came home a few weeks ago and told me my boyfriend was coming to his school to speak I had to go.

He was actually a very well spoken engaging speaker. He had a great message and story and it was a really enjoyable evening. I also got his autograph (because for a moment I was 17 again and thought that I should). I was however a little embarrassed by some of the questions people asked, which included things about Apolo accepting Jesus as his lord and savior (come on people) and teenage girls requesting Apolo to friend them on twitter and read the notes they handed him. Seriously? You have a chance to ask him anything you want after a really great hour long talk and that's the best you can come up with?
Signing autographs after his talk,

3.) I spent the night in the ER. On Wednesday May 5th after my procedure I was having severe pain and when I called urgent care at my university they asked me to come down just to be safe. At urgent care they determined I needed a CAT scan just to make sure everything was okay and sent me over to the ER.

What an educational experience. I have never been to an ER in a big city and this hospital is a Level 1 trauma center so they get all the worst cases, plus it was Cinco de Mayo so there were tons of random drunken accidents. The place was a madhouse and it took forever. I also discovered that if you go to the hospital with a male bodied friend they assume that person is your husband and when they find out that they are not, the staff is just confused.

My friend Delfin drove me so Marcus could stay with the babies and we had everyone very confused which was actually kind of fun. The rest of the evening was not. We didn't leave until 7am (we went into urgent care around 9:30pm so it was a very long night). Everything ended up being okay, and I had the best IV ever (I know that's a weird thing to be excited about). I told the nurse that he needed to give some of the other nurses lessons as I showed him my scars from my hospital bedrest days when I was tortured by days of IV's.  I couldn't even feel his. Very impressive.

My night in the ER. The fun times are never ending around here.

4.) I also met Candace Bushnell author of Sex and the City (among others) and her newest book The Carrie Diaries. (More about this will go in my book blog at some point) But she told me I was a sweetie and remembered my name long after she had signed my book. So I took this to mean she either thought I was 16 or she's my new BFF. 
Me and Candace. 

5.) My sermon about PPD titled, "Surviving, Living, Thriving: A Hope for all Women" is going to be published by the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice. Which I find very exciting!!  

6.) I accepted a job... and then gave it back. Opps.. which may possible be the most awkward thing ever. But after getting my contract in the mail and doing the math and listening to my instincts nothing about the job seemed right. I do feel really awful about the situation though. This however means that we are moving back to the west coast in about 15 days. (And I haven't packed a thing, awesome). This also means that I am currently unemployed and hoping to find another job soon. 

I think these are the main things I've been meaning to mention and haven't. I'm still behind on my blogging and just about everything else in life at the moment, but this is a start.

(And if you actually read this entire thing... well, thanks because it's incredibly long and not that interesting.) 


~Jess said...

If you're moving back to the west coast by the end of the month...I really want to come down and see you guys again before then. You tell me when.

Cuz Lord knows with flights being involved when we'll meet up again.

Carlita said...

Congratulations on finishing! You should be seriously proud - and you didn't even mention the part about pumping for two babies for several months - NOT trivial!