Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Quick before bed...

  • I finished my take home final tonight which is really just a big essay and turned it in 26 minutes before midnight. I now only have one paper and an evaluation for my internship left.
  • The babies have slept through the night, these last two nights! I really hope this is a permanent change.
  • I'm sore and tired.
  • Marcus is horrified that I shared that I had a colonoscopy with my friends IRL and on my blog. My thoughts are theoretically everyone is going to have one some day (If we all do as the medical community advises), my came about 25 years before I thought it would. Oh well... besides when you have an infertility blog and then a pregnancy blog talking about embarrassing procedures is pretty much par for the course.
  • I'm graduating in 19 days, we have to move in 26 days. We don't yet have any idea where we're going to live. I'm trying not to be too freaked out about this.
  • I came home from my school at 10 pm to grab a sandwich before heading back over to finish my paper. I found Marcus had washed all the dishes, bottles, picked up, cleaned out the fridge and was doing the laundry, after successfully getting both babies to bed. I just love him!
Good night!

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