Friday, August 7, 2009

Reflux baby and other things...

So it does in fact seem to be the case that Emerson's issues with eating are related to reflux. She saw the pediatrician this morning and was prescribed zantac so hopefully we'll see some improvement soon. Poor baby. It's so sad to see her cry every time she eats. I was a little annoyed with the nurse when I called to ask about it though, according to the nurse Emerson was probably just, "going through a thing" whatever that means. I'm assuming she was implying that Emerson was just having a weird eating phase that would pass, which is a hugely absurd thing to suggest about a 3 month old baby. She's not old enough to "have a thing". Luckily our pediatrician was a little more receptive to our concerns.

When we were picking up the prescription from the pharmacy Marcus had the following ridiculous conversation:

Pharm. lady: You have twins? Boys, Girls?

Marcus : We have a boy and a girl.

Pharm. lady: Are they identical?

Marcus: No we have a boy and a girl

Pharm. lady: Well you never know they still could be

Marcus: ????? oh...????

When he came back over to me he had the funniest expression on his face. People are fun.

We also took Eli to the doctor this morning because he sounds a little off to us. He doesn't have a fever or a cough though and the doctor said his lungs sounded fine. I think we just might be paranoid parents of our little preemies, but I would rather have him checked and have it be nothing than to let something get out of hand.

I really hate taking them out any where. I don't like the attention they get and I don't want anyone touching them. When we have to take them places (like the doctor) we keep their car seats covered with a blanket in an effort to discourage people from looking and touching. This has worked until recently, when several people have requested we move the blankets so they can look... I'm not really sure how to respond to that without looking like a paranoid crazy person.

In other baby news they're 13 weeks old and at night they will now go 4 hours between feedings (which is all we would let them) but that currently seems to be their need. Marcus and I have stopped being so rigid with the 3 hour feedings now that they're older. We follow their cues a little more and feed them when they seem to want to eat (which actually still happens to be about every 3 hours or sometimes sooner).

We're making progress with the fussiness too. Last night I managed to pick them both up at the same time and bounce them on our exercise ball. It was a killer on my back, but it worked until Marcus came home. If only I could figure out how to work my ring sling...


JustaKidAtHeart said...

They have girl stuff too. They were fast and really well priced.

Little Wonders said...

Well, you know how I feel about other other people touching our preemies. Biggest pet peeve ever. The few times we've been on a walk and people have asked to see the babies (we had their stroller covered up), I just say the babies are sleeping. People look at me funny, but it works. So glad the fussiness seems to be getting better. Maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel?!