Monday, August 24, 2009

Last night for the first time....

The babies slept 6 hours. They went to bed at 8:45pm and didn't wake up to eat until 2:30am It freaked us out and we were continually up checking on them and debating whether we should feed them (we decided to let them sleep).

I think I can attribute this occurrence to two things. One, they pretty much slept all day yesterday. They always sleep in the car, and they tend to sleep well in their stroller on walks too and for some reason when they sleep well during the day, they sleep well at night.

Second, because we were in NYC they ended up with a weird cluster feeding type thing towards the end of the night. We left NYC when they were asleep, then got stuck in traffic and they woke up screaming for food. The only way we could remedy this was for me to get in the backseat between their car seats and give them a few oz while they were buckled in, to tide them over since there was no where to pull over. Then once we were home we gave the a few more ozs, then they napped again, and we gave them a few more, finally an hour later we did their nighttime routine and fed them one more time.

We'll see what happens tonight. They were exhausted yesterday (and they tend to inch towards each other in their sleep. Sometimes they end up touching or even side by side).


Queenie. . . said...

That's fantastic about the sleep! Maybe they are slowly getting to THAT point. . .you know, the one where they SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!

The pic of them laying next to each other is too cute. I can't believe how different the sizes of their heads look. That must be Emerson on the left?

sadie607 said...

Haha Queenie yes that's Emerson on the left. Eli's head is in the 50 percentile and his weight and length aren't on the charts yet, the boy has a large head. (And Emerson's not on the charts at all yet). It's no wonder he can't lift it up.