Monday, August 3, 2009

Physical therapy Session #2

The physical therapist came by again today to check on the progress of the babies since last month. Unfortunately, Eli is behind even for his adjusted age. He's no where near where he should be for a 3 month old, and is not even where a 1 month old would be (his adjusted age). Which is very disappointing to me. He still holds his head to the right which has resulted in tight neck muscles, despite all of our efforts and won't really lift his head during tummy time.

Emerson slept through the session, but based on what I told the PT about Emerson's progress she's more in line with her adjusted age development.

The rest of this post is mostly for my own record, I'm just going to transcribe the notes left by the PT. So just a warning that it's not going to be overly exciting.


Progress: Doing well; gaining weight; still holds head turned to the right, despite positioning, prefers tummy time on parent's chest, rather than on the floor.

During today's visit:
- Eli is able to hold his head upright in a fully supported upright position with his back and back of head against an adult's chest, a little bobbling side to side.
-Unable to flex his neck against gravity at all - was unable to do a pull to sit even from almost vertical.
-Tummy time on the floor-lifted head momentarily, emerging ability to turn side to side
-Holds neck rotated to right, was able to track a face and turn head to left about 40 degree in supine.

Suggested activities for daily routine:
1. Position so that he is encouraged to turn his head to his left. Try to get him to turn his head actively, as well as helping him or turning him to his left when he's sleeping
2. *Gently stretch his neck to the left for 30 sec, 10 times a day*
3. Pull to sit- start with him almost vertical, gently pull on his arms and try to get him to pull his head forward. Gradually lower the starting point.
4. Hold him vertical, against your chest facing away from you. Begin to slowly tip him side to side to challenge head control.
5. Tummy time- 30 min. a day total, at least 10 min. combined on floor.


Progress: Healthy and growing/gaining weight. Head control is improving. Tries to suck her thumb, but has trouble keeling it once she gets it. Had hips ultrasound because one appears shorter-ok.

During today's visit: Per mom's report: Emerson is able to lift her head for a few seconds when lying on her tummy and is beginning to be able to turn her head from side to side, Pushes with arms a little. Fairly good head control in an upright position. Pulls to sit actively from about 45 degree recline.

Suggested activities for daily routine:
1. In vertical-support her trunk and less support to head. Slowly tip her side to side/front to back to challenge head control.
2. Keep up with tummy time 30 minutes a day.
3. Pull to sit- keep gradually declining the starting position.

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Debbie said...

You should be proud tho, that you guys are so "aware" of your babies and you'll do what you need to help him. (there are some who wouldn't....hard to beleive).
Eli and Emerson have good parents.