Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happiest Baby(ies) on the block?

We bought the book, we read the book, we like the suggestions in the book except for one little flaw... the book was written for parents of one crying baby and doesn't address how to handle this...

and this when it's happening at the same time and I'm alone.

So I've been attempting to figure out my own ways to improvise, which include sticking one baby in the sling and feeding the other, and then switching. That's all I've come up with at this point. The rest of the time one is screaming while I try and console the other. It is one of the most heartbreaking things to see a baby screaming, fists shaking, with little tears coming down their face. Most of the time all they want is to be picked up and I hate that I have to try and divide the time between them when I wish I could give full attention to both always.

I'm hoping with time this will get easier. I have more to update but I'm tired and have to go hold a baby.


Becks said...

Oh! Sad little babies :( I don't have twins, so I don't know if this will work, but could you swaddle both of them up, give them both a pacifier, and then jiggle each one on a different knee? Do you need some bigger swaddling blankets? I could send you some.

Also, FYI - it took James a while to "grow into" liking his swing and his bouncer. For whatever reason, before they hit their due date they just find it too overstimulating. Keep trying it every day - I think he started liking the swing and the bouncer a week or two after he hit his due date.

Also - this ends! They won't be like this forever. Once they hit 3 months adjusted things get much better. I know that seems like forever now, but do whatever you need to do to just get through this now.

Sending good thoughts towards you and your babies!

Little Wonders said...

OMG, have I been there!! Just last night I sat through 2 feedings with the baby who already ate (!) screaming while I was trying to feed the other. Say, how do you have one in the sling and feed the other? Are you bottling them? I know people have one in the sling and nurse the other, but I can never figure out how to do it. Also, are you on the Multiples Mamas board? It's a private board, an off-shot of the Nest/Bumps Multiples board. If you're not on there yet and would like to be, let me see if I can get you an invite. I LOVE the support and advice I can get there.

Little Wonders said...

Can you e-mail me your name and e-mail address and I'll see about getting you an invite. You'll love it!
(estherdixon at hotmail dot com)

~Jess said...

Poor babies and Mommy! I have no advice, only hugs and encouragement *hugs*