Monday, July 20, 2009

2 Month Doctor appointment (10 weeks old)

The babies had their two month doctor appointment and my little babies continue to grow.

My little Eli is now 9lbs 3oz, which puts him in the 3% for his actual age, hooray for being on the charts. Everything with him looks perfect.

Emerson is 7lbs 11oz and isn't close to being on the charts yet but she's growing and that's all the doctors are looking for at this point. The doctor did discover two possible areas of concern. First, it seems that Emerson has a heart murmur. Most of these correct themselves but we're going to see a pediatric cardiologist just to have it checked out and watched as she grows.

The doctor also noted that there's something going on with her hips which may have something to do with her position in utero, so we were referred to radiology in the Children's hospital and she'll have that checked out on thursday. Hopefully, both issues are nothing to worry about.

Other that the babies were given three shots and an oral vaccine so we're probably in for some extra fussy babies today and this evening. Eli is such a dramatic little boy. He doesn't cry, what he does instead all the time is scream at the top of his lungs, a sharp awful screeching noise, which is what he did at the doctor. Only he did it after the shot was given, he had a bit of a delayed reaction. Emerson cried a little but calmed down pretty quickly. Poor babies.

We've also reached the point where the babies are eating more than I can pump in a day and I have to start supplementing with formula. Eli eats 85ml every 3 hours. We tried giving him more yesterday and he spit up every time so for now this seems like the amount he requires and Emerson is getting 80ml every three hours. I only pump between 36-40oz in a day and need about 48oz to keep up at this point. This makes me so sad. I've been doing everything in my power to increase my supply and nothing is really working. I know there's nothing wrong with formula I just really wanted them to have only breast milk for a little longer.


Queenie. . . said...

Great news about the growth. Have you tried any of the herbs that people rave about that are supposed to increase supply? I can't remember what they are, unfortunately, but I'm sure plenty of other women do recall.

~Jess said...

Fenugreek is one of the herbs Queenie is thinking of. I'm glad their appt went well...hopefully Emerson's murmur isn't anything to worry about...I know my sister had one when she was a baby, but it went away on it's own.

Becks said...

Poor mom! I remember when I was pumping exclusively (wow... only 4 weeks ago) and it's so frustrating when your baby needs more and you can't produce it.

Have you tried nursing at all yet? Sometimes it's so hard to get babies to nurse when there are complications like C-sections, NICU stays, etc. James wouldn't latch on until he was 9 weeks, and we didn't start nursing until 11 weeks. It really helped with my supply! I was really frustrated because my supply had dropped and I couldn't get it back up, but once I could get him to nurse it helped a lot. My body responded to a baby a lot better than a breast pump I guess.

Queenie. . . said...

PS. There's nothing wrong with formula-try not to be sad about it. After all, the goal is just to make them grow, and howver that happens is great.