Monday, January 7, 2013

We Went to the Beach in December...

Last weekend (Dec. 28-30th) my dad called me up and told me he was on his way for a visit. (Good thing I was planning on being in town).

My dad brought his wife and my youngest sister Abbey. Since she's never seen the ocean off we went in search of the water. It was so hilarious to me that Eli & Emmy knew what was involved with going to the ocean. As we were walking out the door to leave Emerson said, "Wait we forgot our buckets and shovels to make a castle."

Where do they learn these things? Seriously? How did they know this is what you do at the beach? Anyways, it was actually a beautiful day, Eli & Emmy had a great time, and my sister finally got to see the ocean.

Looking at the water. 

Trying to make sand castles. Although Emerson mostly used her bucket to "collect" various things. Seaweed, seashells, dirt, sticks, etc. It all came home with us. 

Me & my Eli

Eli with my dad


Running from the tide. Marcus just grabbed them and ran haha

Sea foam

My cute babies (notice Emmy still has a dress on but we did convince her to let us put some pants over her tights)

Chasing Auntie Abbey with seaweed

My family

Running from the tide again. It was very unpredictable 

Making sand castles 

My and my kids who weren't cooperating...
Then Eli knocked me over. I felt like a beached whale 

Walking on the trail

Me & my Emmy girl

She loved the ocean/beach. She was disappointed she couldn't get in the water. 

We found a lighthouse. They're much more impressive on the east coast. 

 It was a good day, and the best part is it only cost $10. The cost of parking our car. We need to go back when it's a little warmer though, since my kids seem to love the water and the beach. 

The rest of the visit with my dad mostly went okay. It's still a little hard for me to have his wife in my home. Given she was the "other" woman that my dad left my mom for. *sigh* it's hard. 

Plus my dad in the bay area of California is a little bit hilarious. He wore his NRA jacket the whole time. I kept trying to convince him to take it off and he complained that the roads didn't accommodate his huge diesel truck very well haha.


Jess @ said...

That would be hard.

The kids are too awesomely cute!

Sarah said...

The dad situation sounds awkward. :/

And you aren't kidding - that is one short lighthouse! : )