Friday, January 18, 2013

I survived & I Can Ski... kind of...

I had the greatest time learning to ski last week. I went with a group of 10 young adults from my church. We had a small retreat, skied all day Saturday, did devotions and worshiped together Sunday morning.

A couple of the more experienced skiers were very patience and helpful as I learned how to get down the mountain. My first run down took about an hour and I fell 4 times. The next time I got down in 15 and only fell once.

In the afternoon I took a lesson and by the end of the day I could ski!

So much fun. I have a huge bruise on my knee from one of the falls and I was a little sore but I cannot wait to go again.

 Friday night at the retreat

Headed to the slopes

                     He knew how to ski                                         I did not
Getting up once i feel down proved to be one of the biggest obstacles it's impossible. 
Gearing up!

Trying to look Stoic and failing.

Everyone decided to become 5 feet tall for this picture

The whole group

My one solo ride up the mountain
Dinner and fellowship in the evening

Cheers to a successful but cold weekend

Singing as a group in church sunday morning 

Some small car trouble. One of our CA cars was not used to such cold. 

Fun times. Now I'm off to the women's retreat this weekend. Busy work schedule. 

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