Monday, May 21, 2012

We drove for a very long time...

somewhere around hour 10 I decided having two 3 year olds was hard.

Although my aunt reminded me I said the same thing about having two 2 year olds, and two 1 year olds, and 2 newborns haha.

My moment of revelation was at a McDonalds. We stopped for some ice-cream (it was only 109 degrees). Eli my cute boy had his temperatures a little messed up. We got out of the car and he said, "It's hot out here... I need my sweatshirt" haha

Anyways, we were in McDonalds, both kids had ice cream cones, and Marcus announced he was going to the bathroom.

Both kids immediately dropped their cones and said, "I go bathroom too"

I kept them by me, and tried to clean up the mess, and keep them from chasing after Marcus, but it was a constant, "I go too! I go with daddy!! I go with daddy! I need to go to the bathroom!"

Fun times.

Eli also kept saying, "I want to drive" if only we could turn the wheel over.

 But we made it. We're spending the first part of the week with family and then a couple of my friends from grad. school are getting married!

Bachelorette party thursday, rehearsal dinner friday, wedding saturday with friends I don't get to see often. I'm so excited!! Hopefully I feel better, I caught whatever has been going around our house.

Good night.

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~Jess said...

Sounds like it was a blast!

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