Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My babies turned 3 (Over a week ago)...

I'm a little behind but things have been busy. May and the approach of Summer has a way of just being a busy season.

Last Tuesday my little babies that started out at just 3lbs turned 3 years old. Time seems to go so fast, and even looking at pictures from 6 months ago it's clear just how much they've grown.

They're talking more and more. In fact they never stop talking (even if we can't understand what they're saying). Which doesn't seem to bother Eli but when we can't understand Emerson she's gets really upset with us.

Potty training is still chugging along. We're not close at all, Emmy seems slightly more willing, but not really, and Eli just isn't consistent. Somedays he insists on wearing a diaper and some days he doesn't.

Their birthday this year was a low key affair. Just us and some of our friends and their two kids. I liked it that way. Birthdays are a lot of work. Those crazy beautiful parties on Pinterest makes me exhausting.

They had a monkey party, and an accidental water party. When you have four kids outside in the heat with a hose present, I suppose that's bound to happen.

Pizza for dinner and monkey cake.

Emmy loved opening presents. She didn't even stop to see what she got. Just opened one and started on the next. 

Their monkey cake. (From a distance it looks okay)

Blowing out the candle (we accidentally threw away the rest of them so they had to just share one).

The cake


I made the banner. It took forever but it was free.

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~Jess said...

I think that cake looks awesome!

Happy Birthday Eli and Emmy!