Saturday, May 5, 2012

Computer troubles...

We own two laptops and both of them have issues.

Marcus dropped his ipod on his computer (I think this is a first world problem) and the screen cracked on the inside. Does that even make sense. Anyways, so you can only see the very top right hand corner and it makes trying to do anything maddening.

My computer screen won't stay on and I can't open it all the way or the screen just goes black. I also have no "l" key or question mark key because Eli or Emmy dumped water on that portion of the computer.

So I just haven't had the energy to try and make a blog post of any kind. Using our computers requires a lot of effort. Writing my sermon is super fun.  How did we exist before computers.

I've seen Jonathan Edwards (he's a preacher and theologian from the 1700s), anyways Yale owns some of his original stuff and I saw one of his sermons. It was handwritten in teeny tiny little writing on a card that fit inside of his had. It had various sides that he could then turn and read off of.

I think mostly he made it up as he went along, maybe I should try that this week and see what happens. His most famous sermons is "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" I don't think I really want to emulate him.

This has gotten way off topic. I should go to bed.

However, since I"m off topic, I should mention that Eli and Emmy are beyond excited for their birthday.

They keep saying, "I want cake, presents, balloons, ice cream and blueberries"

Emmy today told me she wants a pink present and bubba would like a green one. We're going to celebrate their bithday on sunday. I'm going to try and make a monkey cake, it might end up being one of the ugliest cakes ever but it can't really be worse than the cakes I've made them for their other two birhdays. haha at least the cakes are made with love even if they're not pretty.

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