Sunday, May 6, 2012

Running & Potty Training ...

Marcus and I have both been running consistently for the past several months, so of course Eli and Emerson have become runners too. They watch us warm up, run, stretch, cool down etc. Emmy works on her form and using her arms properly while running. They take the whole thing very seriously and we even bought them running clothes.

Today we were at the grocery store trying to get a few things for their birthday when Eli needed to use the bathroom. All those who have been in the Potty Training trenches know that when this happens you drop everything and run to the nearest bathroom.

And those of you with twins know that where one goes often the other must follow. I left Marcus to pay and Eli, Emmy, and I started our "run" across the store (it was a fast walk for me but they were both running).

We were half way across the store when Emerson suddenly said, "Wait I need to stretch."

So we took a few seconds so they could stretch their legs.

And we made it to the bathroom running injury free and potty accident free.

To all you runners remember the importance of stretching :~)

Haha, they crack me up.

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~Jess said...

I want to see them in their running gear!

Happy Birthday you sweet kiddos!