Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Where does time go?

I'm busy busy busy, and it seems like when I'm not busy with something all I want to do is sleep.

Here's a few updates about what's going on:

1.) Eli & Emerson started preschool. Emerson loves it and told Marcus and I to leave. My poor sweet Eli cries every time we drop him off. It breaks my heart. He hugs my legs and says, "I crying mama". Each day when we pick him up and ask how school was he says two things, "I cried, and I played outside on the wee"

2.) Emerson has a Cinderella outfit which she has worn everyday since we bought it. She doesn't wear it to school or church, but if we're at home it has to be on. She goes around telling us all, "I'm just a princess" and Eli sweet boy tells her, "I like your dress sissy"

3.) I preformed another wedding. That was fun I love weddings. Some of the best times is that i get to hang out with the groom up front and we can chat. The groom at this wedding took this opportunity to ask me how ministers don't cry at funerals haha.

4.) Marcus is the head coach of the boys cross country team at the local high school. He's excited but a little overwhelmed the team is huge with about 70 boys.

5.) My mom is engaged. She and my dad divorced about 6 years ago. I haven't met her fiance but I hope that this makes her happy again.

6.) The end back to work.

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Jess @ said...

Congrats to Marcus! Does he have an assistant coach?

Sounds like Eli and Emerson are doing all right. Hopefully Eli starts to like preschool.