Sunday, June 17, 2012

My last Sunday...

Today was my last sunday serving as pastor at my current church.

A bittersweet day with such a nice sendoff.

They had a potluck for me (because that's what my denomination does, potlucks for everything haha)

The sunday school class did a little something, a few gifts, and they wrote me poem.

Sadie, is Steadfast, intent on her way.
She's Ambitious, meeting challenges each and every day.
She's Dedicated to her church, committed to her congregation.
She's Intelligent, which shows in her superb articulation.
She's Endearing most of all, which makes it difficult to share just how much we will miss her and show how much we care.
But..... we are a rock. And she is a Stone! That pretty much says it all.
Sadie is sent off with our blessings, as she follows our Lord's call.
Our Pastor Sadie-- what a lady; she's on her way we know.
Wherever Pastor Sadie goes, her gifts and graces she will show.

Loving, The Congregation [of my church]

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~Jess said...

Oh my absolutely sweet of them =)