Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fairytale Land...

Last week on Thursday and Friday I was required to attend a class for my ordination process about 2 hours from our town.

Since we only have one car, Marcus decided that he and the kids would drive me up there, and then before heading back he would take them to visit Fairytale Land. Marcus was a little nervous because this was our first big outing since starting the potty training adventure. A 2 hour car ride, then being in a public place, then a 2 hour car ride back home.

I'm happy to report they made it through the day without any accidents, and have actually been accident free for about 5 days now. I'm officially declaring them potty trained. (Except for nighttime but that will come with time I'm told. I'm not overly worried about that yet).

Anyways, they had a great time on their outing with their daddy. In fact Marcus told me as they were leaving Eli said, "I love the wee, I had fun."

He's such a sweet boy.

Checking out the Sheep

Marcus told Emmy to say "Cheese" this is what he got.

Since moving to the country Eli has been desperate to drive a tractor. Every time we pass one he asks to drive. We had to drive to the city to do it, but he finally got his chance. Marcus said he had to force him off of it. 

Going down the "Wee"

Driving the boat

Big feet

Eli on the "Wee"

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~Jess said...

Looks like the had fun!

yay for no accidents! They did a great job and so did you guys!