Monday, May 27, 2013

Learning to Give...

We have too much stuff.

It's driving me crazy and I have a burning desire to literally rid our house of everything we own (except my books...)

I decided this might be a good chance to teach Eli and Emerson about giving. So in the car I decided to broach the subject of giving away some of their toys to boys and girls who don't have any.

We didn't make very much progress.

Me: Eli & Emmy you have so many new toys from your birthday do you think it would be a good idea to give some of your old toys to boys and girls who don't have any?

Emmy: No, I like my toys.

Eli: Why they have no toys.

Me: Some kids don't have very much money and so they don't have toys. Giving them toys would make them very happy.

Emmy: Kavita has toys (her friend from school, and the only playdate she's ever had. Yes, in fact her friend Kavita has a lot of toys).

Eli: What's those kids names?

Me: I don't know their names, but it will make them happy. Also did you know that Jesus really likes when we give things to other people.

Emmy: Oliver has toys (another kid from school).

Me: Yes I know all your friends at school have toys, we would find other kids with no toys.

Emmy: Mom, all kids just have toys.

So that went well. I like that Eli didn't seem totally opposed to the idea he simply wanted more information about why they didn't have toys and who they were.

Emmy on the other hand is just difficult haha. I say that with all the love in the world but this girl. The other day I told them they needed to go clean their toy room because it was a mess. Emmy aptly pointed out that my own room was a mess too.

Fair enough. Did I mention we have too much stuff?


Jess @ said...

I've been on a purge kick. I've taken 3 garbage bags full of toys out, and put them in the attic. Some will be getting donated, and others will be put into cycle.

I'm feeling this way about our entire house too. Too much stuff!

Anonymous said...

Me, too.