Saturday, May 25, 2013

My babies turned 4...

How did that happen? Seriously, how did four years already go by? One minute I don't think we're possibly going to survive their infanthood and now they're these, crazy, amazing, kids that go to school and surprise and amaze me every day.

My Eli baby. 
All grown up in school picture. Doesn't he look just the same though in the face? Maybe it's just me?
My Emmy girl. Also all grown up. 

I'm not sure there have ever been two kids more excited for their birthday. They started counted down months ago. Of course their counting down was always about 4 more days in their mind, but finally the much anticipated day arrived.

And my mom and her husband came to visit for the occasion. Can I just tell you how nice it is to have family around? I feel bad because my work schedule was so insane the week my mom was visiting but on the other hand she made it possible for me to do everything I needed to do and be in 12 different places all at once, doing a million different things.

For example I had a work meeting the night before their birthday, but needed to make cupcakes for them to take to school.

Came home from meeting and Grammy, Eli & Emmy had finished the cupcakes!! So great.

We went out for a birthday dinner with the kids and they had fun with this juke box.

Of course it was the presents they had been waiting for.

My Eli loves music and he was super excited for a new guitar. 
Eli can't make normal faces for me.
I love how much they love each other.  As someone who has very complicated relationships with my 5 siblings. I pray that it may always be so.

And cake

Emmy didn't wait for a fork.

So much love for each other. 

It was a good 4th birthday. I think one of my favorite memories from the day is that Eli literally thought he was so much bigger.

On the morning of his birthday I was getting him dressed for school and he said, "I need new socks and underwear because I'm big now and they don't fit."

Then he went around the house to see if he could reach the sink, the microwave, and my personal favorite be able to drive the car.  He was so sure he was just a lot bigger. So adorable.

All 4 of Eli & Emmy's birthdays have been in different places. 3 states, 4 cities. I'm so happy that we are not moving this year!!  Birthday #5 will happen in this same city, in this same house.

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Jess @ said...

Happy Birthday kiddos!

It doesn't seem like it was 4 years ago that I got that text message.