Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Vigil For Marriage Equality...

In an effort to try and get caught up on things. I thought I would start with something that I had a lot of fun doing last month.

As most people probably know the Supreme Court heard cases on Prop 8 and DOMA.

As a clergy person I decided it was important that those in the LGBQ community see vocal supportive clergy, so I traveled to San Francisco to take part in a vigil on the State Supreme Court Steps.

I have a wonderful time, met lots of amazing people, had my picture taken by many, and was on the news (in what can be described as some of the most awkward 30 seconds of my life. Why do they edit my statement in such weird ways haha).

It was a wonderful fulfilling way to spend several hours in solidarity with others praying for justice and change in our country.

Fellow Clergy Person Speaking

Me and a clergy friend. Giving a perfect "10" score

More of our signs. 

We were among the first to gather and stood there for about 5 hours I think.

If this video works you can see my super awkward news debute. I think it's about 30 seconds in. The rest of what I said was so much better (I think)

And since people were wearing Red that day in honor of marriage equality I had the kids get in on the act too. When I explained we were wearing red so that everyone could get married; people like their Auntie Kaylee and Auntie Lindy and Their Tios Jason & Delphin, 
Emerson's response was, "I want to be the flower girl." I love 3 year olds (most of the time)

*Photos and Events from March 26, 2013. I'm just behind on all things blogging.

*I obviously don't get into any theological conversation in this post, but if anyone is interested in why I support marriage equality from my Christian perspective let me know and I can write a post on it. I know so much of the assumption and rhetoric is that Christian's are against it, but that's not a universal truth at all; I support it, always have, so does my church and many many other Christians as well. 

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