Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Lenten Photo-a-day Continued...

Day 17: Prophet - just some of the many more modern day prophets
Day 18: Leave - The door by which I leave home every day and enter the world

 Day 19: Thirst - I thirst for justice for all people
Day 20: Bless - Blessed to have a job that allows me some flexibility when I have sick babies (hanging out in my office watching movies while mama works)

Day 21: Night - the stars that light ceiling in Eli & Emmy's room each night

Day 22: Shadow - Shadows of light in the sanctuary 

Day 23: NO- Always more than happy to help me yell NO
Day 24: Find - Emerson see treasure and value in everything she finds 
Day 25: Faithful - The faithfulness of my youth (with our Bishop)

Day 26: Ate - The best part of baking 
Day 27: Happy - sitting in the backyard reading in the spring sun
Day 28: Silence - Love the silence of this space in the midst of a busy work day


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